Usha Venkatesh Foundation for Children
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Precious Childhood

The Traditionally followed early education in India currently faces challenges in the backdrop of changing family and social structures . In this context, we have to ensure that our children are rooted to the enviable heritage of the nation as well as to the concept of the global village. We reach out to the children through various programs designed to meet the demands of early childhood education.

Thoughtful Parenting

Today parenting has become more complex in the rapidly changing society and the techno savvied world. To inculcate the time tested values and principles in the minds of our children in tune with the demands of the modern life is another challenge. Parenting today demands a thorough change in attitudes and beliefs. Are we really ready for it? Parenting programmes envisaged by the foundation incorporate all these...

Innovative Teaching

Teacher today is a friend who guides the child to a brighter world. Technology revolutionized acquisition of knowledge and information through computers. A teacher conscious and competent to guide the students in every aspect of life is the need of the hour. Methods of teaching – learning has undergone a sea change to cope up with the knowledge explosion. Our teacher training programmes...

Headlines About Usha Venkatesh in Media

The Educationalist! - Begining

Mrs Usha Venkatesh hadnever envisioned herself to become an educationalist. A meaningful coincidence in life led her to start first establishment - Kids House play school after her marriage and before she knew she saw herself getting more and more immersed in the field of education.


"Magic of Childhood" -written by Usha Venkatesh

I am not much of a writer and don’t consider myself to be in the category of intellectuals either. I am an ordinary person with a middle class background and I see the world around me with the eyes of a common person...