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Usha Venkatesh is an evangelist of value based education, she is like a breath of fresh air in an educational system where academic excellence is the only benchmark of quality. She firmly believes in the holistic development of a child into a good learner, a responsible citizen and most importantly a wonderful human being. Her interaction with students across age groups and cultures focusses on ubiquitous values that are essential for the development of an individual. As a teacher she tries to cultivate traits like honesty, optimism, open-mindedness into her students in ways that the current generation finds easy to relate to and assimilate. She has also been a strong advocate of the fact that parents and teachers are also equal participants in the education of a child and that every child deserves special attention from them. With over three decades of experience, Usha Venkatesh is truly a pioneer in the field of education, her innovative and humanized approach has been widely appreciated by all sections of the educational community.